Subdermal Android Light

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Perfect for cosplay, burning man, raves, and replicants. Kit includes one light and three skin cover prosthetic appliances. Light is bluetooth compatable to allow colors and patterns to be controlled via your mobile cellular device. Prosthetic appliances are encapsulated silicone.

Skin Color
Battery Option
  • Tech Specs

    Light: Bluetooth control, 6 addressable leds. USB chargeable with an 850 mah battery or 2200 mah battery. The longer the run time on the battery, the larger it is (and more difficult to hide in clothes). Wire leads to behind the ear and can be hidden in clothing. Silicone mat underneath led to prevent direct skin contact.


    Skin Covers: These are silicone prosthetics encapsulated with super baldiez. They come lightly pigmented and with the flashing attached. To apply, adhere with a prosthetic adhesive (Snappy G recommended) and apply 99% ispropyl alcohol to areas around flashing to dissolve edges. DO NOT APPLY WITH SPIRIT GUM. This will dissolve the encapsulant and not adhere.


    These prosthetics are one time use only. Attempting to reapply will result in heavy edges or lack of adhesion.

  • Skin Tone Reference

    All skin tones are added with use of pigments by European Body Art. To determine a color, refer to this website: Endura Skin


    If you don't see your color on there, contact us at with reference photos of your face skin and we'll mix up a batch to match you to the best of our ability.

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